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Welcome to JAPAN to all the travelers from around the world.
We are offering some special course for the foreign visitors with English speaking therapist to support your experience at our Rice Enzyme Bath.
​Booking need to be made in advance for English speaker therapist's attendance.
Please make an inquiry through email or LINE app for your fantastic experience.

(please allow us to respond 2-3days for email inquiries)

cure the Rice Bran Enzyme Bath Salon

Bathing in the rice bran, never heard of it??

Maybe it’s a little bit hard to imagine…ok, let us explain what is rice bran, what does Rice Bran Enzyme Bath can offer and what’s good about it.

Rice Bran is a byproduct obtained from the rice milling, that is the outer covering of the rice grain; rich in their nutritive contents. The rice bran is rich in various antioxidants, which proves to be beneficial for human consumptions and health. It is also a good source of vitamin B.


Rice Bran Enzyme Bath is one of a folk remedy that is becoming popular in Japan lately. It’s a very unique bathing style which enhance immunity and the self-healing systems of human body. It also helps to nourish your skin, maintain hydration and to reduce dark spots and wrinkles, also it helps to recover the body after sporting.

How is it work?


So, this is how it work. You are going to be wrapped by a smooth rice bran which is kept in over 60℃. The heat from the rice bran is naturally generated through fermentation. When microorganisms produce enzymes, the temperature of fermentation heats the rice bran. This natural thermic and enzymatic stimulate your body cells, improve the blood circulation and activate your metabolism. Then overall, it boosts your healing power, helps to restore and maintain your health and beauty.


Enzyme bath types

Rice bran, sawdust, cypress powder and those mixture etc.…there are a few different types of Enzyme Bath Salon in Japan.

At cure, we use 100% rice bran only. Our ingredients are rice bran and water(warm), that’s all. Compare to baths which uses sawdust and cypress powder, people may find the smell of 100% rice bran baths is too strong. However, the heat from rice bran is easily generated up to the best temperature, generally becomes hotter than other type of enzyme baths which leads to the benefits of its enzymes being maximized and maintains cleanness of its baths.


How to take the bath at cure.

We will ask you to fill in our quick councelling form then have a small chat and an introduction for our bath salon.

You will take a quick shower beforehand as we ask you to go in there as almost nakid (we can provide you a paper bra and an underwear on your request).

This treatment is about 13-15min, depending on how you go in the rice bran enzyme bath. You may think 13-15min isn’t that long enough.

However, let us tell you the good news.

Just for this short time bath, you can expect to sweat as much as you would run for about 2 hours in marathon and stimulate your body detoxing and boost your metabolism.


The temperature is kept in around 60~70℃. It means our Enzyme bath is always under low temperature pasteurization. Bacteria can’t live in a place which is maintained over 60℃.

The sweat will be drawn away with rice bran that was in contact with your body. When you get out of the tub, we ask not to scrub off the rice bran attached to your body and you will make a way to shower room as your body covered by rice bran then wash all off in there.

If there are any sweat left behind in the tub, we remove the area of rice bran carefully and keep it at the pasteurization temperature more than 30 minutes for the next use. In this time the enzyme bath becomes sterilize and to be ready for the next booking.


As we mentioned the temperature of rice bran bath will be around 60-70℃, you may think it would be too hot. To be honest it is quite hot especially during the morning session, the temperature feels like a 42-43℃ bath when the rice bran itself is about 68-70℃.

Then gradually temperature will go down as people use the bath. In the afternoon, average temperature of rice bran is usually around 60-64℃, so the sensory temperature is about 40-41℃.

Please note that for our forieng customers we can offer our bath at 1pm or 2pm session which is usually not too hot for the first time use.

We can only offer 2 people at a session as we only have two bath tubs available, and sorry for the boys, we only can accept women customers as we are proved for woment only salon.

After the enzyme bath and shower, you will be having a cool down time in our relaxing breake room. You will be asked to lay down on our beds and have a time to cool down. If you choose our special visitor plan, we will apply our modeling facial mask during this time while you have rest.

During this cool down, you will find that your body keep on sweating. This is called the second perspire which is very important to happen after you took the enzyme bath. As you can sweat more and more during this cool down time, it's awesome. This sweat is not sticky as you think. Usually its smooth and light that you do not need to have shower afterwards. The sweat actually helps to moistruise and enhance the appearance of your skin. 

After 20min of your cool down, you will make your way to the powder room to get yourself ready to go. We have hair brush (individually provided if you need one) and face moistriser. Hair dryer is also available to use. Please bring your own hair brush (for less plastic usage purpose), and makeup tools if you need.
When you are ready to go, please make your way to the entrance waiting room and recieve a refreshing drink service. 

More about rice bran enzyme bath

To keep the rice bran at the right temperature and the condition of microorganisms, we handle this very carefully on daily basis. The enzymes are extremely sensitive to temperature and moisture and will be denatured if the proper conditions regarding these two are not met. Therefore, a delicate process is required, where the rice bran is stirred in a deliberate procedure to contain fresh air, new rice bran and water. This process must done each single day as microorganisms are living things, and takes a couple of hours for this maintenance.


We can also offer Yoni care treatiment.

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